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  • Agcrest Nigeria. 40 Alley Crescent, Mando. Kaduna.
    Kaduna State.

    Agcrest Development Centre Sierra Leone NASSIT PLAZA, P.O.Box 911
    Makeni, Sierra Leone.

    Acrest UK Limited
    29 Woldholme Avenue
    Driffield,North Humberside, Y025 6RW

    Agcrest Development Centre South Sudan.
    19 Avenue Tombura Road.
    Juba. South Sudan. +211925568086
  • +211925568086

  • [email protected]



Our centre is a social enterprise and not for profit. We implement the nexus linking humanitarian, development and business initiatives. We support the implementation of humanitarian and development activities. We also offer trainings, micro finance and run an online university education platform.

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