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Agcrest Development Centre South Sudan:

Agcrest Development Centre provides reliable and effecient operational support to humanitarian and development organizations in South Sudan. We are best described as humanitarian and development initiatives enabler.


We provide support services to companies and organizations in all operating environments. We lift of the burden of implementation off our client shoulders. We provide our clients the opportunity to concentrate on their core business of helping people out of poverty, developing human capital, supporting government and jump starting business initiatives especially in fragile states.

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Our Services Include Providing:

  • Company representation and franchising
  • Talent acquisition services and logistics
  • Youth Service operation (Young University Graduates Experience Scheme)
  • Humanitarian and Development Consultancies
  • Digital Platforms for ecommerce and payment & e-extension, social saving initiatives
  • Event management including facilitation of workshops and conferences
  • Promoting Green energy schemes
  • Private sector investments including nexus between humanitarian and development


Agcrest Development Centre is a registered business entity in South Sudan. Our operation is managed by professionals. We are also actively present in Sierra Leone, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

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